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that cloud looks like a

when you have a reason to get out of bed
or when you have a reason to stay there
can tend to clear the mind instead
of leaving the soul in wanton despair

the higher purpose of our lowly fate
experience is our greatest educator
to touch and feel to know and relate
a useful life our finest demonstrator

into our soulful gate we slowly saunter
and ask what is soul and what is mind
to live our lives of thought and wonder
being a Gordian knot tightly intertwined

we are only able to do the best we can
but that is our light to bring to our being
to be keeper of brother and friend to man
to see with our own eyes what others are seeing

upon reflection, a heart-filled introspection
as seconds go quickly here, chances bringing
love shows our natural ability to change direction
ups-n-downs merry-go-round catch brass ringing

under some blue skies we lay down dreamily
minds gently wander around consciousness
pointedly watching clouds breeze by lazily
as life proceeds toward serene happiness

© agoodguy2have 2010-10-28
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
i think i was dozing...

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Comments (16)

Good one all good poems it conveys universal truths
Very Zen! Kudos! beer
very beautiful morning to ponder or let that imagination wonder somewhere till you doze off to sleep,,excellent write and i love reading it,,very nice ,thanks for sharing thiswine heart1
Amazing again. I'd hate to see you if you weren't dozing!
i have sauntered that same way, many times, goodguy. keep reaching for that brass heh. have seen much enlightenment in the clouds, especially under the full moon's eye. serenity, put to have yoda skills, truly.
Wonderful read GG2H!bouquet
Bravo GoodGuy .. BRAVO applause

A wonderful doze too, have done that many times last first that is.
Enjoyed the whole piece goodguyteddybear
we are only able to do the best we can..and we always should give our best...very nice write goodguy..thanks iam
niah9online today!
What a wonderful way to start the day...someone puts all those things you think about, but never focus directly on...into verse.
Thanks for enlightening my day good guy, as I prepare to volunteer at the library...with kids everywhere, and no time to even ponder....
Hi, agoodguy2have,
that cloud looks like a it has your name written all over it. Nice write as life proceeds toward serene happiness!
into our soulful gate we slowly saunter
and ask what is soul and what is mind
to live our lives of thought and wonder
being a Gordian knot tightly intertwined

My friend...your verse and poem captivates me! thumbs up
Entranced by this tender spiritual write of life's purpose.The last stanza is especially beautiful,
such self-awareness goodguy...sure that you're not one of them shrinking head people. what's a Gordian knot? that's not somethin' a doctor did to me, is it?
[Gordian knot ] wow, Goodguy, this phrase 'made' the whole poem for me, thank you, very nice write, my friend...
life like love to me is an eternal puzzle...thumbs up
bouquet bouquet
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