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sad, how little we know

seldom do we hold one another...imagining
if this is the beginning or the end
it may be the same...for all we know
so we merely ponder, have I found a friend?
I've never entered a relationship this my special one?
it has never, ever, ocurred to me
to try to brand a friendship, over or begun
for the most part, if you are nice to me, I like you
it's easy...we all crave and treasure warm kindness
seems I always write too much into ocassional likemindness
sometimes latching on, or latching less
disrupts the spirits flow
we can't move on, we just digress
our aims apart, our passions slow
so what may have begun... honest attraction
may be quickly squelched overreaction
we have no roadmap
no directions to follow
falling into detour
our words ring hollow
fear yanks us away from that which we seek
pride only grants us the bluster
confused, we take the easy way out all that we muster
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010

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Comments (7)

roadmap,,says it all to me,,
life is a journey for sure!!

diggable, hedi...confusion should reign, no more. best to not label, just flow in honesty.
wow hedi...a great groove with rhymes and wisdom. i am happy to call you a friend. Yes you are so right, it's sooo easy to pull away thinking we know an ending we can't even see. we humans are really an odd bunch i think. ;-) that most definitely includes ME!
Hi Hedistuff

This poem is great, it confirms to me what I have learned so far and inspires a fresh way of thinking in regards to anything in life. Thanks..Mike. handshake
"We all crave and treasure warm kindness" dont we hedi,my dear,though I do not stay a lot in touch but have considered you a friend,you are a sweet soul.Nice thoughts hedi.thumbs up teddybear
"I've never entered a relationship this my special one?
it has never, ever, ocurred to me
to try to brand a friendship,"

Hedi, this piece of advice is SUBLIME!!! thank you my friend for giving me a perspective i never thought of before, brilliant!!! I shall practice this from now on, the taoists call it 'wu-wei', action thru non-action...
Confused ..we all take the easy way..why do we begin...?.why do we slow..?..
Nice poem..and true..bouquet
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