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Fighting Dwyer

I walk among the hills of Wicklow
and wander her valleys so green
the sites of ancient battles
etched in stones to be seen.

no matter what lands I wander
There is none to compare
to the vale of Glenmalur
with the little river flowing there.

It sweeps and flows down from the mountain
Like threads of spidery lace
It weaves its way along the valley
as I walk, I feel its mist upon my face.

I follow it from ford to inn
Where I stop to eat within
I sit and watch, families come and go
But I the watcher, dream of ancient foe.

Arise Irishmen and throw the invaders out
Fighting Dwyer and his band so shout
Were badly beaten in the rout
And had to hide in brush about

In Glenmalur they hid so well
Among the hills and in the dell
Fighting for Ireland free
Dwyer’s band for all to see

Led the English a merry dance
Dwyer’s band never lost there chance
To fight the foe and then romance
The local lassies at the crossroads dance

1804 and surrender agreed
Michael Dwyer and band were freed
Dishonourable England did negate
Botany bay and penal servitude did await.

Oh vale of Glenmalur with stories you abound
I hear them in my head, as you I walk around
Majestic mountains, river and the brook
of Drumgoff barracks! of you, i could write a book.

Glenmalur the fairest of the vales
I will visit, once more to hear your tales
Mountain, little river and the brook
Glenmalur I long for and never will forsook.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
This is about Michael Dwyer and his band who held out against the English for five years in the Vale of Glenmalur after the rebellion of 1798.

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so liked this verse could also see myself on the walk too, I wonder if the history would attack melaugh No but places do seem to hold something, good writeteddybear
Thanks Redex,
The vale of Glenmalur is part of "The Wicklow Way" walk which is 160km long. The Inn at the crossroads rents out rooms if you want to walk in the area.. There is also a Hostel at the top of the glen. You have to cross the river ford into the forest to get to it..It is only open in the summer due to its seclusion.:( There are two waterfalls in the glen as well..
Thankyou for info Fergal, I will look into it for surehandshake
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