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Face Book Friends

Cork, Donegal, Dublin or Kildare.
Who’s on Face book that I can snare.
Go on girl’s ye might get some joy.
I’ll take ye on for I’m the boy.

Face Book friends far and wide.
From me and my remarks ye can not hide.
You hit on me an i will hit on you.
My smart remarks will turn ye blue.

The yanks when they come on late at night.
Will soon retreat before they get a fright.
Yankee girls know how to drink an talk.
But when Fergel comes on, they do baulk.

Cork wan’s have a lot to say.
They be better off taking in the hay.
The girls from Cork roar an shout.
Corks the best ya motor mouth.

Donegal is the best some friends do say.
Hill walking, Glen Columcille an Glen bay.
Rortys bar is the best by far.
Cráic, roaring fire and an ever open bar.

Face Book friends from far an wide.
Head to the Porto with nothing to hide.
Washed an scrubbed from head to toe.
When its over they don’t want to go.

The Porto is the place to be.
With Tina, showing a bit of knee.
The AF girls all looking there best.
Ah those Dublin girls, pass the test
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
A little ditty about Face Book..

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by Unknown
on Nov 2010
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