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My Quest

I searched and searched
the whole world over
I even found
a four leaf clover
but vegetation
was not my quest
I just wanted to be
like all the rest
of people I see everywhere
with a special friend
for whom they care
but I guess
I'm just not lucky
my life is boring
and very yucky
to be alone
the walls to see
haunts me in my reverie
the love I have
stored up in me
is enough to make
an inland sea
of tears I shed
in great profusion
I swear I can't
avoid the confusion
of trying so hard
to meet a lassie
with curves and oh
that female chassis
what I wouldn't give
is not worth saying
for just a little
co-ed playing
this single life
is just the pits
I gotta get my hands
on a couple of tits
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
What can I say? A little play on words.

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