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Those were the Days

The days you thought you knew all about sex,
When all life was viewed through rose tinted specs,
How could you have known,
After the previous bird had flown,
That the one you would wed,
Was the one you snogged behind the bike shed.
The days when you thought you always knew best,
When you were full of vim, vigour and zest,
The days when you were young,
Had answers for everything, a really sharp tongue.
Never thought you would get old,
Never took advice, could never be told,
Now look back, sometimes a little sad,
Wishing to hell, sometimes you had.
Though like playing with fire,
When warned of consequences dire,
The lesson got well learned,
After the fingers got well burned!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
English slang....Bird, young girl friend....Snog, a
P.S. Not autobiographical

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Comments (10)

Those were the days Andrew, just wish I could take rose coloured specs off nowlaugh A snog behind bike shed would go down a treatrolling on the floor laughing Enjoyed reading brought a smileteddybear
Ah, yes, youth is wasted on the young. The saying goes, "If I had know I was gonna live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself," but I know me, I wouldn't have... grin We know about "snogging" and "birds" through Austin Powers. LOL Cool write! beer
They certainly were the days...miss them a lot, nice writing andrew cheers
Thankyou Redex, pleased it brought a
Fun times had, no regrets cause not all bad! Love this one Andrew!bouquet
autobiographical, poems no doubt are the way to go, musing is best done in the rearview mirror, nice andrew.
the days of old make em new again take your one behind the shed pretend your 18 again. enjoyed this andrew thank you for sharing.cheers
niah9online today!
When I was late teens early 20' elderly aunt...probably in her 50's...LOL...used to say..'if i knew then what I know now.'
We used to stare, not sure what she now...rolling on the floor laughing
oh for the memories...that says I'm old...but I still feel......rolling on the floor laughing Nice one Andrewcheering applause grin
oh,yeah,,those were the days which i would never want to remember,dont be surprise guys if iam different with all your opinins here..all have different past which we dont wanna remember..those were my death days,now iam a survivor and never will think of those days,thanks..a well lesson to learn infact...nice and wonderful poem always from the king of poets.sory if i comment a bit lousy here sir..handshake
Thankyou Free....Brilliant quote and
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