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Yesterday was tomorrow
tomorrow has gone to pass
today was tomorrow
now tomorrow is today
so make today a memmory
it will be yesterday
gone forever in the past.
tomorrow soon will be today and gone to pass
enjoy your tomorrow
soon it will be today
when it becomes yesterday
we to will pass.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
days go bye make the best. soon it will be a memmory in front of our eyes.

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Comments (11)

when it becomes yesterday
we to will pass.
very true dear and what a well written piece,very nice thought and enjoy your daily life and just be happy what it brings..
good sunday and blessed day alwayscheers hug
Oh...this could relate to the different time zones we face daily on CS...had to smile....interesting take ..kickit22confused
niahdoh dunno
that is exactly right Jeddah so many times we wish for the week to end so we can get to the weekend. but the day that were in will pass while dreaming about another day. then soon those days will pass so will we.Thank you for seeing this the way it was suppose to be seen..hug wine

That is so funny you mentioned time zones. I use to tell people before my favorite sporting event started that I was gonna call Australia or a place like that to find out who won cause they are a day ahead of us. so technically the game has all ready been played. am i not right.laugh cheers if i can make one person smile then my day has been well worth it. thanks for smiling.teddybear cheers
nice take on time, kickit, im posting it today, hopefully you recieved it yesterday, because i wil forget, tomorrow.
Thank you Gotitall. you said that perfect. beer
Hi, kickit22,
"To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day" until it becomes yesterday. Yes, today is all we have to hold onto! Nice write. And, who's on first!
laugh laugh who's on first Oh that was soo funny Gnj4u.thank you for a smile you made me. teddybear
Now did I read somewhere a man went into space and came back and his son was older than himrolling on the floor laughing were would your poem place in thatrolling on the floor laughing fun read greatteddybear
Thank you Red!! Glad you got a laugh. As far as his son being older then his father there has to be a connection someplace but may need a rocket scientist to figure that out.rolling on the floor laughing teddybear
I want to make them with you
heart beating heart beating heart beating
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