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Thoughtful Thoughts

I am new I read a few
before I posted my view
compared too you
I was scared so many of you
So good writes
enjoyed them all I read
so many views love and hate
respect and disgrace
I was curious on how mine would do
I posted one or two then I knew
your thoughtful thoughts
the comments you made.
I embraced all of you.
Thank You.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Your thoughts so kind and generous on my writes.

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Comments (9)

You are welcome kickit, I know it is an old cliche, but we all have to start at some time, and I too remember my first posting on here nearly 2 years ago.....seems now a lot I still enjoy it as much now as I did then, if not more, and also met a lot of lovely people here too.......Kindest
The creative imaginations so many different people in so many different places to share there thoughts, I don't think it can get old. beer and Thank you Andrew for sharing your writes.
Kudos Kickit, right back at ya! cheers
Thanks Mike.Thank you for your rights Kudos back at ya..cheers
Hi, kickit22,
I have been posting for nearly a year and find the CS community to be a welcoming, supportive community. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful thoughts!
im just on site 5months from now and i just enjoyed the poetry corner the most,i felt everyone here are real,like we are family and everyone supports everyones knowledge,may it be lousy or good poems,all comments always lift you up and they were kind and supportive people here.we are cyber family.i say all this cos i knew how my first post lousy poems were still well accepted...i embrace you all too and glad that we are becoming more here.thanks for sharing this wonderful poem kit,very well said and nice meeting you toohug cheers handshake
Thank you Gnj4u. I can feel it's almost like a family well it is a cyber family here. such good feelings when we are alone nobody to share we come here and have many. Thank you for your rights Love them all.thumbs up hug

Your such a dear. You can't be anymore right then you are now. The thoughtful thoughts that the other fellow poets on here share is warming to the heart I guess poets are a different kind of people. words that come from the heart it seems tho we can feel the feeelings to which one is writing about and that is powerful it makes you look different at your own life in how you view. can learn alot. about one's self. Thank you for your poems Jeddah. Love them all such a gift you have. thumbs up bouquet
thanks for taking the time to read them too kithug wine
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