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Silence is not the answer

Silence is not the answer, Silence is a thing in the dark, An unquestionable thing, A dark and mysterious thing, Your life should not go in silence, It should be witnessed because i shall witness it. You life should be answered not questioned, It your life your living and breathing, Dont be in silence be witnessed, Dont go unknown be answered, Silence is not the answer.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
i just think about my problems and i know now that i should solve those problems. I felt sad the day i wrote this poem but after writting it and reading it a few times i felt better so i hope you do to. i also hope you like it.

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Hi Sweetbug, very inspiring poem, not only liked it but loved it. Mikethumbs up
sometimes you have to speak to be spoken too. that will make the darkness into brightness. You are so right..Love
speak to others that you trust, a trouble shared, is a trouble halved, silence has its moments, but trouble needs to speak, then nothing is lost in translation, nice reflective poem, sweet.
Hi, sweet_bug,
Although silence is an important part of life, it certainly should not be all of one's life - except, of course, for those who have taken a vow of silence. In silence, I read your poem and found light in the darkness; and in this light, answers to questions can be found.
sharing should come naturally without asking for is the fear in one that makes one look for another to share is able to get rid of this fear,esp. of loneliness,when one seeks the answer in silence.

when one looks inward for answers they come from the silence which is the gateway to your heart.

the ocean looks stormy sometimes outwardly but is peaceful deep down.

one is able to lead a perfectly meaningful and normal life without fear when one is firmly established in inner silence.
in silence your faculties become sharp and energised and you get strength to remove the disturbances in your peace.

or else would you prefer me to simply say "hey sweet bug you are so right beyond doubt in your perception" and allow you to proceed in darkness ?

why dont we dare face the god almighty "the truth" face to face and stand our ground ?

luv and regards....

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