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in the name of m a s t u r b a ti o n

in the name of m**turbation

the prostitute came in the dark house
there was nothing but a disgusting mouse

the blind man told her((take a seat there,
you are a brunette or a lady fair?))

((ok, let s say, i dont like sex at all
my s*xual desire is not my main goal

let me show you something strange
i am out of any probable range.

i dont beg body from you or any prostitute
i dont like to touch your hand or foot

you are here to just listen to me and i pay
enough you for this night and day))

he continued((in the name of m**turbation
the destructiveness of human creation))

...he continued with own dard dreams
she just heard the darkness with no beem

then she just went out to the next door
as prostitute she knows her duty more...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010

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well its another way of looking at it i suppose, whatever angle, it is, a blind spot perhaps,
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by Unknown
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