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A reason for present life
The answer for inequalities
Our fate and our destiny
we sowed our present plants
And thus are they watered
For the future harvest

Memory lost in transit
Due to porous learning
A sided brain development
Thus forgetfulness our plight
A sin to live by
For future harvest

Living a penance
For a past debt
Good deed a grace
For developed souls
Our action today
A recipe for future harvest
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Karma explains why good people suffered and die young while bad people are successful and grow to old age.

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Comments (2)

I liked reading, BUT i hope to live to a ripe age as they say but know I am not bad.handshake
Thanks Redex, good people also grow old, but some people often blame the injustice and inequalities in life on God because of memory loss of our karma.
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