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On one hand, there is this option.
On the other hand, there is that option.

Does this fork in the road lead to satisfaction?
Does that fork in the road lead to disaster?

Can this be the one decision that will harm me?
Can that be the one decision that will elevate me?

How to ensure that I am choosing wisely.
How to ensure that I am choosing correctly.

When faced with this choice or that;
Do I analyze or agonize?

I have no answers from my mind, my soul or psyche;
Yesterday I flipped a coin, today I run in circles.

Tomorrow is just another day and maybe by then;
I might just make it a good choice; at least that is what I pray.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Decisions are hard to make when you just can't get past the 'what-ifs'

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Comments (9)

you never know what path may lead you to a better seems i've always taken the road with a dead end...good write
Thanks D'...all choices are bittersweet I think for most...bouquet
no one falls inlove by choice,its by a chance,no one stays inlove by chance, its by effort,and no one falls out of love by effort,its by choice;;

nice write amahla,,wonderful poem always from you;thanks,i enjoy thiswine bouquet
I did analyze your work here. Nice introspection filled with simple questions that always values. Thank you for showing, amahlala !bouquet
With two lists, one for the other against, we can still hanker for the one we want. Maybe our heart is leaning that way. ...sometimes unwise...but decisions have to be made and we often make bad choices...but if we learn from them....maturity...we achieve something, but no one is called being human...good thought provoking...
Niah comfort teddybear
agony, or ecstasy, that is the question, but which road to take to which, no matter how long you muse, sometimes you walk down the wrong road, thank god, i took the right road a while back, had no choice, i love her. nice poem amahlala.
@Jeddah~Thanks! A different take on choices made, I like itbouquet

@DaBomb~Thanks for the analyzing of the poem! I am happy it met your standards!bouquet

@Niah~I like your comments; they caused me to look a little harder at the choices I have made!bouquet

@Goitall~Happy to know your choice resulted in your love!bouquet
sheesh! but i don't envy you hun! i tend to go with my gut feelings...bloody lists are always subjective!roll eyes
nice write. bouquet bouquet
Ladybee~It's my gut instincts that get me into TROUBLE!laugh bouquet
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by amahlala (51 Poems)
on Nov 2010
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