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To Mary

I sleep with thee and wake with thee,
And yet thou art not there;
I fill my mind with thoughts of thee-
And press the common air.

Thy eyes are gazing upon mine
When thou art out of sight,
My lips are always touching thine
At morning, noon, and night.

I think and speak of other things
To keep my mind at rest,
But still to thee my memory clings
Like love in woman's breast.

I hide it from the world's wide eye
And think and speak contrary;
But soft the wind comes from the sky
And whispers tales of Mary.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
My husband wrote this for me during our early days of courting and asked me to post it here for him.

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Comments (6)

That really is a fine piece, you must have been smitten. beer
Poetry always gets 'em. Kudos to your husband! beer
Smitten I was indeed, Mike. blushing I'd asked him to write me a poem one day and was absolutely blown away by these simple words. He repeated them when we married. He'd captured my heart firmly and has held it for 18 years of wedded bliss. wine
That's great, sounds like a wonderful love story, Congratulations and long may it continue beer (What are you doing here by the way?) just kidding grin
It is indeed, Mike. Not without a few scraps and battles along the way. laugh I'm here to share my poetry and to widen the ever growing circle of friends. wine
Good for you. It's a great place to do it beer
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