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My sister, my lover...

Ooohhh how sweet the ‘forbidden’ love...,
The uncertainty, the unholy terror, the awkwardness,
One moment you are caressing her hand in brotherly love, the next, electric shivers are running up and down your spine,
One moment you’re kissing her philadelphially on the cheek, the next your lips are burnt on hers...
One moment you are looking at her with guiltless eyes, the next, eyes are averted, shifty, nervous and shame-ridden,
One moment you are affectionately embracing her, the next you’re tearing her clothes off her,
One moment you’re proud of her shapely body, the next you’re vigorously having your way with it...
Aaahhh, my sister, my lover,
Our relationship has forever changed,
Whereas so far we have been soul-spirits, kindred spirits, soul-brother and soul-sister[yes, she’s not my real sister, you dirty-minded lot, but she was my soul-sister, smile?],
We have now crossed over the border to ‘lust’, er, I mean, ‘luv’,
We have now traversed that plain which is filled with land-mines,
Where you have to watch your ‘p’s’ and ‘q’s’,
Sigh, what a tiresome, laborious and nefarious web we spin...
Last nite, knowing her answer beforehand, of course, nevertheless,
I mischievously said to her,
“Say, will you let me have a younger woman once in a while, just for wild sex, it will not mean anything to me...”,
Woe was me, she looked at me austerely,
And quite firmly said ‘NO!’
“But why not?”, says I, being the ever-ready-Libra-predator, “not even on my birthday?”
She gave me that very familiar penetrating look of hers, and said:
‘As long as you’re only with me, you’ll be besotted with my beauty,[and my god, she is very easy on the eyes] but as soon as I let you flirt with ‘philistine-flesh’ then I will slowly begin to lose you...
Me thinks she’s right, Me thinks she’s right...
Aaahhh, but right now,
I’m content to enjoy you my sister, my lover...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010

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Comments (13)

brilliant write earl, im not easily impressed, your expressiveness here is extraordinary, im impressed, enjoyed this tremendousley.
fine write, earlygrey...but who you callin' dirty minded, yo? laugh mischief...and that word again: 'luv'...sweet hell, i cringed a little. and that's the mark of a great poem, emotion. thank you, sir, for sharing your talent.
Earlgreytea - whew!! you had me going!! this was an excellent write...filling the page with 'real' life and emotions. well done my friend!thumbs up thumbs up
I think this is one of the coolest things I've ever read. Brilliant, Earlgreytea. cheers
Thanks a mill... Gotitall, very high praise coming from you...
Guess I AM dirty-minded. You had me going til you said "soul-sister." Great write! beer
A temporary pleasure "canality" , A temporary possession "lust" what a way to say them in words? nice write up, shows the greedyness of human heart after sensual pleasure.
giggle i think you are more mischievous than i initially took you for..laugh lovely write - hope you are having fun with it all.
bouquet bouquet

Thank you for 'seeing' me and for your humour, my friend...


Thanks for the lovely comment and encouragement, dear Jazzy...
Exquisite, stunning piece of writing, dear boy. Glad you got your leg over with someone who resides within your heart.May your higher self prevail and lofty lolita's haunt not your unquiet dreams,
Your soul sister, CJ.

I think this is one of the coolest things I've ever read. Brilliant, Earlgreytea.

Thanks for the high praise Mike...


Thanks Free..


Thanks Mubodj...

[ i think you are more mischievous than i initially took you for.. lovely write - hope you are having fun with it all.]

'mischievous', god, we Libras invented it..., thanks for your comment sweet friend...
Thanks for your comment, sweet Caroline...
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