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Little Mary Bottle : Part 2

Twas a beautiful day in Cutesville as beautiful as could be.
And little Mary Bottle was cheerful as cheerful could be.
Today was the day that Mary most desired, today was the day of
the pageant to pick "Best Child" of Cutesville this year.
The presents that came with the title were wonderful indeed. Toys and clothes and books to read and a bicycle with whistles and bells and red streamers too. But best of all was every child's desire, free candy, candy for one whole year!
Little Mary put on her best frock and preened and cooed before the mirror to be just right. But across town was the dirty little boy, the little boy that was not just right. He too wanted to be the "Best Child", but how could that be? He was worried and sad for no one would pick him of that he was sure. But try he must, cause he also desired the prizes. And most of all he wanted the new clothes so that he could fit in and maybe one day have a mother and father that would love him as he needed to be. be continued.
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Posted: Nov 2010

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Good, vivid write of childhood,
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