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THE BRAVE.(Poem for Remembrance Sunday)

The whistle blew, and blew,
Over the top they went,
They knew, they KNEW,
To certain death they were being sent.
While generals sat to the rear some miles,
Evening filled with cigars and smiles,
Then dinner, champagne on ice,
“Only a few thousand dear boy, a necessary sacrifice”,
Tomorrow, ONLY a few thousand more,
“Look here old man, we need to try to even the score”,
Just how many in the end?
Surely a figure no-one could defend,
In truth, so many we just don’t know,
Now peacefully sleeping…..
Underneath the poppies that grow…..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
so many, gave their tomorrow for our

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Comments (15)

andrew, you are fast becoming the defacto bard of C.S. in my humble opinion. cigars and poppies, very thoughtful about sacrifices and their "necessity"? ;-(
Thankyou for your very kind words GG.....Andrew
niah9online today!
It could so be a written report of an event in verse...good one Andrew...I remember as a kid in November going with my mum and her sister to sell poppies....and the elderly men who wouldn't give/ come to their doors...because they couldn't bear to be reminded of the real truth....oh so many tales to one day tell...
Niah peace angel Great write........bouquet
Very profound andrew. Sad but true... thumbs up
they knew, as we know, now. without the cigars and smiles. poppies and forget me for the fallen. wonderful write, andrew.
excellent poem sir,thanks for sharingcheers
Thankyou Niah, yes I too remember selling poppies when I was a boy cub...we had to in those days....and of course I am also ex British Army too so always a bit close to home.....pleased you liked the
lovely tribute andrew, i hope those generals weren't quite so disengaged from all of the death and misery..bouquet bouquet
Hi, andrew149,
They knew, they KNEW, To certain death they were being sent. Only the brave can proceed with such knowledge. It is up to us to figure out what is so important that one is willing to die for it. Hopefully, knowing that we can find the path to peace before we are all Underneath the poppies that grow…..
Very good poem Andrew but gnj says just how I feel too. So sorry for all those gone sad sad.sad flower
To take some more just to even the score. is this like saying and eye for an eye with thousands of lives. sad poem my friend. well
Thankyou Free, your comment is most welcome.....Andrew
Thankyou Gashly.....very true.......Andrew....xxxcool
Thankyou Jeddah my
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