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Death Awaits

As the years go by I ponder my death.
Will I go silently and unaware.
Or with fear grimaced on my face
as the scythe swings ever inching.

Will there be time to bide farewell
to kiss those cheeks and drink in the fare.
Or will it be said "At least it was quick"
and best not mentioned what was felt
in that last horrific scream.

What awaits me after death.
Will it be a bright white light that
beckons forward.
Or nothing but blackness, just sleep.

But death waits for me I fear,
welcome or not, it will bide its' time.
With crooked finger it will say,
come forth to me for you are mine.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
I think we all wonder when and how death will take us. As I get older
I think of it more, don't want to but the end is closer than before.

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Comments (3)

Death awaits us all. We can't know when or how, probably best... Just live today.
This a thought we all have at sometime, I think it's best to rationslize and put off till tomorrow and keep thinking we're always going to wake up in the morning. angel devil
Bentleeonline today!
In my early twenties, I was in a canoe accident in northern BC I started breathing water, after panic was over a peace settled in, since then I've not feared dying. Alive and close to dead in a matter of minutes. So I live each day as best I can wine drinking cheers hug lol.
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