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Pure Class

There is a lady that I know,
A very sharp and classy dame.
She knows exactly how I feel,
I really think she feels the same.

But don't get on her bad side though,
This kittycat has razor claws.
Back her into a corner and,
You'll not escape the snapping jaws.

We fit together really well,
Together we could do it all.
We'll take the world by storm we two,
With both supporting, we can't fall.

Though we've not met yet, face to face,
I feel as if we're in a dance.
It may just be that, when we meet,
We've fin'lly found our true romance.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
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Comments (16)

so, you're sayin' she's not like school in the summertime. how sweet is that. hope the dance continues on, for both of you. cheers, FAL...solid yo. beer
Very nice FAL. It gives us something too look forward too of what lies ahead. beer
Very nice FAL. It gives us something too look forward too of what lies ahead. beer
Well, Free, I will not be alone in thanking the universe when (not IF) you find your mate. CS party will be in order!wine
No Gashly, more like Christmas in the summertime. grin Thanks!
keep hoping fal,nice write and nice poemwine
marikiaonline today!
Hopeful. You never know what may befall, When, as it seems, your time has come. Good fortune’s wheel may trick you all, And steer aside from where you are. Be hopeful then, don’t let you down, Come what may come, Keep fit and sound.
Hi, freeatlast64847,
As long as one is aware of the power of the claws and jaws, there's little not to love about a kittycat. Hope the meeting is purrrrrfect!
free, another great quatrain of hopeful love! a classy poem from a free guy for a classy lady eh? ;-)
Thanks kickit! Thanks kickit! grin Here's hopin...
Thanks CJ! CS party! We can all sit around and toast each other in verse over virtual glasses of wine and beer..
As the owner of several kitty cats, claws can always be clipped back and there are muzzles specially made for cats. Very sweet write! wine
niah9online today!
Yes free...
may the dance continue without claws and snapping jaws.....rolling on the floor laughing
Niah/Kathypeace dancing
Thanks jeddah, always the optimist!
Thanks marikia! Growing stronger day by day!
Thanks gnj, I'm aware if the power, and the cuddly soft side too... grin
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