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Falling Off Mt. Olympus

Attracted by your opinions on a variety of issues
Mood swings from tossing hand grenades to reaching for tissues
Complementary remarks in my direction that I was one of a select few
Had me voluntarily paying closer attention to you.

Similarities between us quickly came to mind
Out of all the available women; you to me; were quite a find
Suddenly a day of silence followed by other days lined up in a neat row
Premature thoughts of future unification; with this silly idea; "Where do I now go?"

During my free fall I thought there must be someone out there more sophisticated than me
Someone to devote your overwhelming love to instead of consolation sympathy
At the base of another mountain again I collect my thoughts in another ascending moment in the direction of the sky
A future setting for two in a rose garden is virtually impossible unless you try.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Hope springs eternal everytime you establish communication. Happiness in the future is always impossible if the opportunity is constantly severed soon after the moment of birth.

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Comments (3)

When I first read the title, I thought" Ah, someone has been playing with the gods and got into a spot of trouble". *Chuckle* May hope and faith always spring eternal and may you find what you are seeking. Wonderful thoughts bound together. wine
Thankyou Hank.....I enjoyed reading this one, well written too in my
A future setting for two in a rose garden is virtually impossible unless you try.
a well penned poem and nicely written sir,thanks for sharingwine
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