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~black hole~

With destiny.
That could never be.

Where the eye does reflect,
a place in space......where meteorites,
falling stars, worm holes from here....we can see.

Convex in way seeing planetary craft from the one that created.
The where that we stay where the future is ours by the way we so live.

Black holes...that split time right in half...all of our time.
Gravity plays in part keeping the hole where it began.
As orbit continues to hold all in place, our race that we race....
in our time
that we've got~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010

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Comments (10)

in our race that we race....
in our time
that we've got~
excellent poem sir,,,very nicecheers
Bentleeonline today!
ty Jeddah for complimenting the end of my write, I love that line too! wine
Hi Bentlee, nice poem. you are right on with the last part of it.angel tip hat cheers
Bentleeonline today!
thanks Luvu .....seems the last line locks into place what's being said in the write wine
Great poem of the cosmos.
Is it just coincidence that your poem is
in the shape of a flying saucer Bentlee?thumbs up
Great poem bentlee, having the means to write longer poems seems to agree with you know that this coincided on the same day that they released the news that they have discovered a "New" black hole only created 30 years ago?....well written....Andrew.
Bentleeonline today!
Hi Boysh, welcome back, it's been awhile since you've been on. It was on purpose to create the shape for this write. It could also be seen as a black hole with an entry and an exit point. cheers and ty for commenting.
we perceive so much, yet how little we understand, lovely poem bentlee.
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Bentleeonline today!
ah my friend, ty Andrew, I'm liking the challenge of the writing better with being on a computer for sure. Hope all's well cheers
Bentleeonline today!
Gotitall ty for adding your ideas, so true is that, glad you enjoyed cheers
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