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Traveling Demon

There is a traveling demon inside of me.
Riding high, trying to keep hold of the reigns.
It seems like knowing right from wrong just ain't enough.
Sometimes it seems when things are going good.
That traveling demon takes control to make it rough.
It's the times like these I feel that I am living outside of me.
To know what to do. What will work. And still choose wrong.
That traveling demon is running through me strong.
Thought that it had gone away.
Found another home to live and play.
Then next I know I get the urge to throw all caution to the wind.
And do just what I want to do. No more no less.
Not worrying about what will happen in the end.
Or how I will clean up the mess.
Of letting the traveling demon run free in me.
No holds just living on the thrills.
Of a ride that moving way to fast.
Ain't it funny how when things are going good.
That traveling demon steps out from the past.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
This is not really about love at all. Unless it is love of ones self. Do you ever reach a time where you just want to run free and worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards?snowed in I have been breaking free. No mess yet.rose in teeth But old enough to know when you break this free you will eventually pay the piper if you are not careful.
gotta go

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oh hun! you should go with it...applause just think, you have spent all your life being careful, being someone that everyone else wants you to be and now you suddenly feel 'free'. because you are free if you let yourself be! travelling is a great thing to do - you learn, you taste, you smell and take it all in, snap photos and when it's over you have the most wonderful memories inside you.
If you are feeling free - it's time to be just you again, take the reigns and go for it...hug wave motorcycle <-- you?grin
i agree on ladybee's comment deary,,go out and have fun,,rebuke that demon inside you,show that youre stronger than what is holding you into,,awesome write and nice sharing it,thanks hgl4ucomfort wine bouquet
niah9online today!
Had to smile....we all have your travelling reminded me of a phrase we were scoled with as kids...laugh before breakfast, cry before tea....when thing are going great for me, I wonder what is waiting around the corner...but it has never stopped me from tempting's called life....cheering
Niah.... teddybear
yeah, life has many passengers....they get on, they get off. this is a terrific composition, happy. one of your finest, but better than that. one for the ages...
[That traveling demon is running through me strong. ]

did you read my mind Happy? i coulda written this one myself, the traveling demon lives mightily in me..., nice write , thanks...
Thank you for your kind words Ladybee I think life is full of so much wonder. I must still see it from a childs eyeteddybear
Thank you Jeddah I appreciate your kind words. teddybear
I have one of these as well. No matter how hard I try to be all light, I say/do/think something awful. Anyone know how to banish it? You are never free of the past until you acknowledge it, accept it and heal it up; it's part of you.
Hi cj I believe the traveling demon is the spice of life. It keeps one on their toes and you're never bored. As in the poem "No holds just living on the thrills." If life was to calm I might would fall to sleep.laugh
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