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Seeking but not finding, not knowing where to look. Generations have been compiling, and there are various books. Wisdom truely a wonder, so hard to be ascertained. Great scholars did ponder, but such thoughts were invain. What's the mystery there; why is wisdom not attained? One thing is clear, it isn't for trade or sale! Consider this here, clue, yes all you who dare: wisdom comes to a few; to them it will appear. Such souls did acknowledge; there is truely god divine. And have not trusted, in their fleshly carnal minds. The fear of god, brings answers to all questions. Sincerely seek the lord, and you will gain wisdom!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
wisdom is not learn or acquired, it is a gift from god.

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you know, I've always had a sort of warmness for people of faith. I should, my parents had it, as do my wife and daughter, and many friends as well.
byfaithonline today!
thats nice to know hedistuff! we indeed believe the world was created by faith. also it is written: the just shall live by faith. essencially hedisuff, faith is what lies in you; that which is later manifested for all to see. i pray that your understanding be increased! oops there i go again;byfaith!laugh
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