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The Mask

The mask I wear is just an illusion
Put on with haste to cause you confusion
I hide behind it all my shame
When I look through it you can’t see my pain
The mask I wear is surreal
For with my true self you could not deal
The demons it hides deep within
Those unholy creatures are my darkest sins

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
This poem is about the mask everyone wears witch hides their true self. I hope to meet someone who I can be my true self, take the mask off, I would like the person I meet to be able to do the same. it's all about honesty.

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niah9online today!
Oh yes true....when I was younger my make up was my mask...even is now to some extent...but we all have a soul mate who we can always be ourselves's just finding them....
But on CS, some don't know when they wear or don't wear a mask...tricky business online dating....even if you never ever meet....rolling on the floor laughing
teddybear Niah
we all do that..take it from me...lots of great people here on CS!

Great poem by the waycheering comfort

nice poem...and merely pondering, perhaps our masks are a great part of us. we all tend to alter our personna depending on who or what or where or why. maybe such metamorphosis is absolutely necessary for survival....
Great poem gentleman

I keep altering mine frequently. Lol
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