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soul mate!

Hatred and anger has tarnished my soul. Growing Pains from one day old. My love i have given free. Yet no one seem to love me. I feel lonely in this world. My bones are weiry and cold. Deprived this feeling, tired this way. Ooh! can't take it another day. Have been on so many dates. I am yet to meet my mate. Dreaming and longing, hoping to see. That one that's there for me. Each day my soul limps around. Yet i'am told: you are strong. Still i need a: shoulder-to-cry! Feel loved and looked in the eye. A hand to hold on walks. Someone to cuddle, someone to talk. Until then i won't be fine. I need that: soulmate of mine!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
this is my story and many others too!

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If I were to be granted one wish, I would probably put everyone in contact with their soul mate, thus ending all this terrible longing.
CJcomfort hug
i would too joyce. human life is so challenging.guess thats why above all we are the most creative.thumbs up
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