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Lessons from a Child

A lesson to adults from a six year old
This child wasn't shy or very bold
She just said her piece and went away
To her every word said was okay

Asked what she hoped to become in future
She answered "I can't dictate to nature,
Since I am a girl I guess I will be a woman,
I can't be a horse, a monkey or even a man?"

Try again; what will be your future occupation
This time she answered without hesitation
"Anything I will be doing then, how would I know?
I am no prophet. I would love to be teaching though."

Marriage plans were queried next
And this question got her vex
She replied, "Boys are so boring...
And my dad is always snoring."

With caution the interviewer proceed
He wanted to know how she plans to succeed
With a smile she replied, "from the fruit of course...
Could I get some water please I am hoarse"

She left behind many tears in the eyes
And though we had many more hows and whys
She refused to be questioned further
Calling loudly for her mother.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Hope it brings a smile to your face

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Comments (8)

This is great, really it is! Thanks,

CJ it really happened I thought it was funny then and sometime later I finally got the lesson...........adulthood makes everything complicated.
This is the sentiment of our heart. How I wish it would be understood.
We all can should be like children sometimes (less stress).
We as adults do complicate life...I enjoyed reading your poem bouquet
hey guys thanks for taking the time out to read hopefully u enjoyed reading it as i enjoyed the moment and the writing
Oh I love this poem......a true little the makiing......niahapplause teddybear banana rolling on the floor laughing
thanks niah i think so too
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