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Dark Forest Eyes

Arched back, face meeting the moon
Sitting astride my lover as he
caresses my aroused breasts.
Moan with pleasure as the hardness
pushes in and out.
The fire crackles beside us in the
forest dark. Creatures circle close
to see the mating of ancestors.
Golden eyes pierce my guttural sigh
and tongues loll as my lover partakes
of the warmth between my legs.
Softly receding pats of the ground
and a howl of power makes me come
with shaking thighs.
I slump in exhausted wet and my eyes
follow the shadows till no more.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
I posted this poem before but it got lost.

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Comments (7)

doh i need my aircon here xmas,grin
that was hot and passionate love poem dear,,i love it,,beautiful poemcheers wine bouquet
Wow, that's a very sensual poem... good that you didn't lose it ...

a very hot write of ancestral sex in the trees, wood that could! ;-)
i remember this from before christmas, loved it then and still love it now. a very powerful s*xual write - get the lads all hot and bothered i'd say!
bouquet bouquet
wow confused lips
Wow...this poem is hot....very sexy....thanks for sharing. heart beating
A sensual juggernaut!!
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by Unknown
on Nov 2010
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