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Poem for my birthday

My dress it is a leather
My house shoes overknees
Good looking girl in straps
And h*rny from the GRASS.

I know my dream is evil
I feel my soul is sanct
I know I am a none
I feel myself a vamp.

I feel myself so stupid
I feel myself so wise
I feel myself a diamond
I feel myself a scheis.

I know it is my birthday
I'm very fourtysix
I feel myself so LIVING
It's real and it's wise..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this with a smile...

P.S. scheis is the word for german..

I've put it here for RIME..(laugh)

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Comments (16)

A very happy birthday keesy,God bless you.banana cheering wine hug bouquet
Thank you Paloma..cheers heart beating teddybear
I'm stupid, too! hug What is scheis? Good one! bouquet
Happy birthday!wine
Empy..scheis is the word for german..laugh

cheers hug
well...what can I great if we beat the age with a smile!laugh Funny said! cheers
Age keesy...give us experiences...which I note in your poem. You can't buy it only earn it...enjoy your birthday....enjoy life...

cheering cheering cheering teddybear
Thank you niah..On my birthday I allow to feel myself a kinda everything..laugh
And I'm out of all frustrations..while age is just a number..

heart beating hug cheers
Empy ..thank you for your wishes..
Oh God..I forgot..doh

hug yay
no, no do not tell me that! moping just a minnor error not that! wink we are young, we won't be older, just wiser! dancing
keesy45 are so right..I think I'm still a child..laugh

You are welcome my friend..hug
party party hat balloons happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday cake cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! bouquet wine
Thank you Reader..I have a lot of guests today..

Let's party..and drink!danceline buddies drink pouring dancing

Thank you my friend..hug kiss
happy birthday keesy, my friend, give it a lash,
Embedded image from another site
laugh Will do uncle Ben..
Thank you very much!!!hug cheers
Happy berthday keesy46.
Oh well. Better late than never.
Looove your poem.yay
Thank you're never too late..drink pouring
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