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suggested inner home remedies 411

Amidst Innerworld there exists a vast treasure trove of lost wisdom and knowledge. I have had recent excursions away, and though foreign in nature and naivety, nonesthematter, I returned in full plus slight gleanings of insight as to certain mortal health matters. As self containment never could fit me, I shall loosen the self-seal and relieve myself while easing the pressure pushing out on me. 1. should one be impaled by a walrus' tusk, a warm broth of milk and onions shall be spooned between the victims lips and later when sniffing about the wound, should no pungent odor of onions come through, then no vital organs have been pierced. 2. powdered white stone of lime mixed with whale oil is good for blisters and small boils and closes wounds. 3. to cure fever, take milk of a woman with toe-headed boy child at breast, put three drops into a soft-cooked egg, and let a man who never saw the sick one before give it to them to swallow. 4. for upset stomach, boil wormwood in rain water, add vinegar, allow to cool outdoors for a day, then drink it. 5. for warts, spread on a paste made of burned willow bark wet with owl's blood and they disappear. 6. for dogbite, apply hair of the dog to stop the bleeding. 7. cover a burn with hog fat or eggwhites. 8. to keep a baby healthy, give it a bath in fermented cabbage juice. 9. for colic, the mother must cool red-hot iron in water and have the child drink the water. 10. for baldness, rub the scalp with onion juice and pine sap. 11. for cough, a spoonful of tar and a second of boiled honey. 12. if old men eat fennel, they become young. 13. to read the signs of death, put a sick man's spittle upon live coals, if it sticks, he will die, or rub a sick man's feet with swine flesh and throw it to a dog, if the dog eats the meat, the man will recover. So, keep your dogs hungry!
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Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
I'm silly sick...

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Comments (6)

laugh laugh what if the dog prefers the sick man's feet for dinner and it's a big dog? do you run or stay to help? rolling on the floor laughing
and colic, well warm-hot water i guess..
you should write a book american! laugh laugh i would buy it i swear i would!....grin
bouquet bouquet
LOL...Thanks Hedi....didn't see anything for ingrowing toenail....or did I miss it?.....Haven't got one....But just in case......Andrewdancing
Hi, hedistuff,
Thanks for sharing your list...but, it's got me wondering. 5. for warts, spread on a paste made of burned willow bark wet with owl's blood and they disappear. Who are "they", the willow and owl, the warts, or all of one's friends?
hedi, i have a question...1: what's the copay for these prognosis's? B:Do I have to use generic lime stone or can i ask for the name brand, III: Does it matter if the onions are lightly browned in the pan before applied to #1 or #10? Send the fennel...quickly! ;-)
none of these over the counter items are covered by my tax-free med flex plan. what a bummer. egg whites on, they dry them out, must keep them moist...and covered in hog fat, well, that's probably why the dog bit! iron water for babies...would have been easier than force-fed paint chips, eh? it's all wormwood and vinegar for the soul, silly hedi. great backwoods thinking!
This is pretty funny. Some of these make more sense of things I do to people to supposedly cure them. Can you send the exact bald cure please, I have a suitable targit. I am feverish but will stick to paracetamol as that cure sounds truly diabolical,
CJlaugh rolling on the floor laughing
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