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I feel like a person engulfed in a bog
With no inclination to take myself off.
The bog is alluring, drawing me down,
In ruthless persistence I'm bearing down.

No one can arrive for the rescue of me,
I am the one who could get out and flee,
I am the one who could get myself clean
Out of this mire, should I have such scheme.

No such scheme, I prefer facing risk,
I know there is nothing to hold me adrift.
The bog will entice me in perilous grip,
I'm falling a victim of dangerous whim.

My love is enticing and bearing me down,
I've fallen its victim, I'll never get out.
I'll stay stupefied and forgetful of mind,
I'd rather I perished, if that is my price.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Took out of old chest, blew off some dust and here it is.

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Comments (16)

Dear friend, Marikia,

I understand for sure,,,rather i perish, if that is my price
Hand on there friend ,,I am toowave

Truly Gingerangel

Almost forgot love the poem!!!!!
Thank you, ginger, always among the first to react.
Excellent use of analogy! Kudos! wine
KUDOS,well versed well writtenwine bouquet
Thank, dears, for flowers and appreciation.
Brilliant poemapplause
Thank you, Leony, for dragging it out of the dusty attic. There was time I experimented a little in poetry - for the joy of it - those could have been good old days after all.

With best wishes. dear poet!hug bouquet
niah9online now!
I was thinking....this isn't like Marikia...then I saw the date....proves how time adapts a style......enjoyed .....and different...teddybear
Yes, this is definitely not like me, Niah, but I was happy then, experimenting in writing for the first time, trying to fill my spare time with something I considered as very important, cause being here and writing poetry is a good experience. It still is, coming here is my daily routine, here is a community I enjoy very much. Hope former members of this corner who left their comments behind when they left will soon join us again! Kindest regards, dear poetess!hug bouquet teddybear
Masterly grip of words expressing self annihilation, willingly;
an admittance of the charm in the 'insidious', 'labyrinths'
and that of the chaotic as well as base life-style of the post-modern person; 'been there', 'seen all' etc.
A charmless existence goads to justify Dr Kevorki's presence.
Lack of creativity dominates a mind with a sense of joy.

Reality exposed in great poetic read.
Thank you
Lack of creativity dominates a mind - in fact it does, you guessed it right, and charmless existence - it is indeed charmless, with a sense of joy - oh, yes, joy in just being alive, while knowing that life is short. Happiness is the source of great joy, but as I read once, "An excessive feeling of happiness is a problem. The high degree of this feeling dizzies a person... prone to running risks. Whereas behind a risk... trouble lurks, which may reduce a person’s life-span." I am far from being over-concerned with my life-span, but breathing brings such a pleasure! Life itself with no other attributes is a joy! Thank you, amfa7, for finding this poem worth leaving a comment! Kindest regards, tip hat rose
Just an oldie.hug
Nice poem;)
godsprincessonline today!
Oh Marikia - I know that old bog so well and have bogged down in it myself - fairly recently in fact. Sometimes that old bog has quite a suction affect going. Take care dear friend.

Kathy teddybear sad flower
Interesting thought provoking poem thanks for sharing hug
Interesting thought provoking poem thanks for sharing hug
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