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The Day Of Bronze and Crimson

The Feast Day of bronze and crimson is here
Shouts of "Happy Thanksgiving!" not mere.
Crisp bird, tart cranberries, pies galore
"Feed us! Feed us! Feed us more!"

Hugs and kisses, fights abound
Thanksgiving Day has once more come around.
Feasting, drinking, football highs
Snoring, naps and lots of sighs

This day of Bronze and Crimson.

May you all have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Thoughts of Thanksgiving.

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Comments (6)

Do have a Great Day....cheers wine banana dancing hug
I don't know a lot about this feast day, but your poem brings me a feeling of, friendship, thanks giving and love..

people living, even for one day in harmony.

Nice poem bouquet
now what would thanksgiving be without the fighting? clockwork...just like pie and football...but it's all good. and a happy thanksgiving to you too.
niah9online today!
I think we from outside the USA needed education on Thanksgiving Day....we're certainly getting educated....many thanks, and good write..sounds so like Christmas....Niahangel teddybear
Nice write ReaderOfSouls
thumbs up bouquet
Thank you ladies!! wine

To our friends overseas, Thanksgiving is indeed a lot like Christmas, minus the gift giving. We gather around, eat good food, share what we have with others, attend or watch Thanksgiving parades on television or in person. Watch college and/or professional football teams on tv (the lucky ones who have tickets get to attend) and then after feasting, we sprawl all out for naps. It's also a time for familial civil unrest to rear it's head, but luckily naps prevail and then we have Christmas (along with Black Friday and the start of holiday shopping) and New Year's to look forward to. yay cheering
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