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Me YoU & FeveR!

I am here alone with a FeveR! >_<
It looked as if this night became longer
Thinking of someone I've never been together
Needless to say, I am thinking of YoU!
I took medicines for resolving my FeveR! >_<
But the symptoms became more suffer
I need your help, please do me a favor?
Come to me here, I really need YoU!
I have a headache cause of a FeveR! >_<
I have a heart-ache cause of a stranger
Do you know how to make it less torture?
Cause the stranger who caused me heart-ache is YoU!
It is hard to sleep when I have a FeveR! >_<
You told me to sleep at least eight hours
I want to sleep but I find it is harder
To force my eyes closing when I am thinking of YoU!
It is boring having a FeveR! >_<
Nothing to do but play a game photo-hunter
I would be a champion or a king of gamer
If the game publisher...
released a new one called ‘Hunt-YoU’ :-D
I am not happy when I have a FeveR! >_<
No need to visit nor do I need anyone flower
But I will be the happiest girl ever
If the only one visitor is YoU!
I don’t like myself when I have a FeveR! >_<
Do you like yourself when you help female customer?
If you asked me, I would say I don’t like it either
And I wish those female customer...
accidentally had same 'sex' as YoU! :-p
My friends said they're sorry I have a FeveR! >_<
Also some said I might soon sorry after
For letting my feelings grew stronger
I said I can’t help stop thinking of YoU!
I know I hate having a FeveR! >_<
I know you are special than the other
I know it’s your heart I wanted to conquer
I also know my heart’s winner is gonna be YoU!
My eyes are now closing…
I'm going to sleep with a FeveR! >_<
Tonight I'll glide to your dream,
close to your ears I'll whisper
Though, you are the sweet(less)guy ever
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this poem when I was sick and admitted in a hospital, I wrote to someone I like the most and I really really miss him. He is so far away from me now.....

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Comments (9)

this is sweet very nice my friend
@Stillframe : Thank You ^__^ wave
laugh I would just call the doctor.(joke)

Yes..the loved one is the best doctor..

Nice poem..bouquet
very nice poem thesunandthesea
bouquet bouquet
:DR. CUREEE MEEE))))) lOVE sICk!!! LOL ^__^ tHANK yOu for your comment >> Keesy45 & LadyBee42 ! XXxxX yay
so sweet dear..great poem from ur it..hug
cheslie>>blushing thank ublushing blushing blushing yessss...Thinking of someone we love is always good for our heart ... :)heart beating lips
He could have been there holding your hand.
We are blind some times.
Happy ending!
pilgrimageoflove << Thanks XX ^_^ I really wanted to hold his hand too. >_< he's a guy I liked so much))) but he lives in cyber world, we never met and never gonna sad..crying we didnt talk to each other now...But he's the answer when some1 asked what I am thinkin about.. -__-'' poor me! but am gonna be fine ^_^ am strong... frustrated lol
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