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From Lovely Me - To Lovely You

An angel came to me last night
She asked what I wish to be
I said ‘nothing’, I only want to be by your side
Then, the angel smiled and left me
I would want to be anything and everything
Just being with you, Hunny
If you were a monitor, I would be a PC
If you were crazy, I would want to be insane
I wish I were a sexy wave
If you were a crazy sea
The crazier you are, the sexier me
You crazy about me and me sexy for ya
I would wish I were a Paparazzi
If only you were a Superstar
I’ll be your shadow wherever you are
No matter near or far, I’ll be next to you
If you were the scary Freddy
I would be a horrible nightmare
If you were a lonely stair
I would want to be a very happy high heel
Every step I walk up or down the stair
Just to notice you I care don’t be lonely
And don’t get too excited to see my panty
You’ll never see it I guarantee!
Not even try, Sweetie
How can you see my Panty?
When I absolutely
will wear ‘NOTHING’ (lol)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
^_^ first I wanted to write a romantic poem but have no idea why it ends this way.. lol

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Comments (9)

well thesunandthesea, it certainly is a provocative romantic poem that you write. to live for another's pleasure is a worthy thing fraught with danger and expectation. a sensuous write that will leave the boys going wild i am sure. ;-)
because you are indeed 'naughty' as well as romantic!
laugh wave bouquet
wonderful, thesunandthesea, romantically bold, i enjoyed this, having been the reciever of such love, paradise can be glimpsed in many guises.
agoodguy2have, Ladybee42 & gotitall^_________________^ MY BIG SMILE FOR U ALL)))THANkS So Much , If you think it's romantic, then you are Romantic too! ^______^xxXteddybear
You have so ..a terrible..imagination..laugh

Like this: If you were a lonely stair
I would want to be a very happy high heel..laugh

Lovely poem..bouquet hug
keesy45 => ^___^ thanksss Xxx lips Do you like high heels?? I think women look SEXY when wear high heels. love and if they wear high heel with mini-skirt then ===> SUPER SEXXYYyy!! LOL dancing
What a fun poem!
This is great, very inventive and cool! grin loved it!
caroljoyce & mike7375 & THANKxxXxx hahaa.. heart beatingI'm really HAPPY you liked it!!! ^__^ yay yayyy yeayyy
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