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That place that brings the smiles and the bright and shiney thoughts of yes,today is a good place to start.

A place of que sera sera, because it's going to happen anyway, so, go with the flow and forget about fighting it.Deal with that sh*t as and when.

That perspective of seeing all that is good and positive in all, no matter how much it tries to darken your rainbow-filled day...Ooooh, and it will try.

The refusal to play the games and to accept the plots to darken your day with the black mass of adversity within those, intent on making today a lonely place for themselves.

A filling of your waking hours with the people and places that make your inner glow shine through, and you feel ok about being you, because today you see why others are drawn to your side.

A journey embarked upon, with the excitement of where your light could lead you. What opportunities today's confidence could invoke.

A place of the bold...the believers.

A Home of all that should be embraced, because tomorrow could leave you crestfallen, as many of your yesterdays have.

A day of endless possibilities and potentials, to be clutched tightly to you.

Before you are whisked away to the land of the hidden, the unseen, the insecure.

Because this Happy Place is

So, journey forth,it's guiding light could fade into the shadows, sometime soon.

And without realising it you are alone in the dark...once again!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Just some self-indulgence.

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that's a very nice piece of self indulgence bejaded - this is the happy place here and now - i completely agree..thumbs up thumbs up wave bouquet
be jaded...unlike your logon, this "self-indulgence" is full of positive feelings. An outstanding job of philosophizing on the opportunities we all have if we just wish to pick them up. Great message! ;-)
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on Nov 2010
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