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It's a scientific revolution!
A superstitious quick solution

It's an intellectual inovation
A genetic remake of God's creation

It's Origin Mania in
perpetual transition

An Evolutionary Smackdown
of our Primal Condition

It's a host of theories
struggling for Survival

Anything they'll believe
But God and The Bible

Even the Stars are
dragged from their
lofty Height

And thoroughly Ravagged
of their Spectral Light


Astrologically Persuaded
That from Stardust
Are we Dated

Stardust sprinkling
Earths Atmosphere..
Behold! The Pop-Up
People suddenly Appear!

But is the mathematics
of Human Logic
squarely the root
of Stellar Magic!

Or the Spontaneous Act
of a Living God..
Breathing the
Breath of Life
in a Lifeless Clod

An Idolatrous Imagination
Bows to Sophistical

And in spite of all
we Do and Think..


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010

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Comments (15)

Hi Cafe....although I am not religious, I really enjoyed this one....Thankyou....Andrewcool
Thanks andrew.. Just trying to sum up some of the more popular ideas in circulation. I don't suppose that we can just wake up one day and be religious. 'Faith is a gift, and not of ourselves.'Your friend, cafe': gift
a clever write for sure cafe. still who's to know and who's to say? ;-)
Thanks goodguy'.. You make a very good point, and one that deserves great respect, but while 'who's to know' may not be to threating to us, yet 'Who's to say', especially the ones who would destroy every conceivable freedom in this another matter indeed. Awhile back some men built a whole nation on biblical principles to see what kind of nation it would become. It became Amercia..Your friend, cafe
very nice thought cafe,,fantastic poem,,cheers bouquet
Almighty God is the missing link?
True to most, even though they may claim otherwise.
To a few; God is. Obvious. All that is.
"An Idolatrous Imagination
Bows to Sophistical Disinformation"
Nicely put. Thanks.
Cafe, I absolutely loved it!!!!

WOW, just....WOW!!!!teddybear bouquet applause
This is a strong, intelligent write. There is some truth in most things, complete truth in nothing, even the Bible..'tis only mine view, of course...
Great writing and wonderfully clever poem. Love reading it!
Enjoyed the poem cafe...well written and clever as always...
Niahcool yay
While living in an "advanced civilization," it can be easy to lose sight of The Sacred in every day life ...

... in people, creatures, the earth, the universe, etc.

Ty for sharing your thoughts with us cafe. I think without acknowledgement of the Divinity inherent within all, we would cease to know LOVE.

LOVE would not cease to know us, but we would lose sight of the very nature of who we really are, in relationship to All That Is.

May we regard what is most Sacred to our lives, our hearts and our Souls ~
Hi Cafe

An amazing write - you pen your thoughts with great clarity and persuasion.

Best wishes

I see I already commented on this, but I didn't do it justice. This is fantastic, Cafe!thumbs up rose rose rose
Thank you Mr Fellsman.. You encourage me to keep
Thanks Cat.... for your special point of
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