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Reflected in the universe of each others eyes,
Transported, beyond space,
To the sea of dreamtime,
Where we reside,
And our ship sails,
Relying on neither wind nor tide.
Where rainbow haloed stars twinkle to our tune,
Where we two,
Are forever one,
Underneath a strawberry moon.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
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Comments (14)

i love strawberry moons! and love...there's that ol' food and love thing...nice and sweet andrew, with just the right amount of tart. ;-)
Oh Andrew...we're had all types of moon, but blue and stawberry...wonderful...just like the poem...
maybe the next poem should be moonsouls or this space....rolling on the floor laughing
In sikhism marriage... hearts become one and souls merge
Loved it ...nice.....Niahyay
it resonates andrew, it resonates beautifully, for she has set sail upon the tide, and i her willing captive, on a voyage, beyond dream-time, eternal.
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Hi, andrew149,
There is no better reflection that that Reflected in the universe of each others eyes no matter what moon graces the night.
The eyes reflect our universe... Just beautiful, Andrew! wine heart wings teddybear
Thankyou GG....Pleased you liked the poem, didn't think of the food now you mention it........Andrewcool
Lots of definitions on moonings here but on reflection I get yours Andrew Lovely poem in space no time just wandering soulshug
[Underneath a strawberry moon.]

this phrase alone, made it a wonderful poem, thanks for sharing your unusual mind with us...
aww! you are in love i think..hug
this is so lovely and gentle from a gentle soul..
bouquet bouquet teddybear
Thankyou Niah, very pleased you liked it.....Andrew...xxxcool
Thankyou for your kind words gotitall, I hope you will look in from time to time....Take
Very true gnj4u, thankyou very
Thankyou RoS...I am very pleased that you enjoyed it....Andrew...xxxcool
Thankyou Redex, hope you are having a great time, wherever you are....Andrew...xxxcool
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