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king of darkness.

there was Alpha with rocks and colosal concrete structures.
there was a light who brought the spirit of wisdom.
there was a conquer for one third of the entire empire.
and life was build on a beautiful plain.
there were bright minds with an ignited spark.
a legacy of merit, heads pointed down.
there was a dedication to the prince of darkness.
partaking in schemed visioned fear of the old days.
there is a prince, now where is the king?
first born natures are undefiled, thereby spreading their questions for knowledge.
seeking full truth, the strength of a being.
never the less it is still a victory, a trial step according to saved myths, but it is half truth that is why the prince will take the crown one day.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
for some a weird fairytale, for other's a nice mythological poem.
without causing harm to them who truly believe.
I am a fan of history and mythology,religion and psychology.
with this poem i try to give the question if the desolated one is a prince then who was the king of darkness, never the less it is a root line in this poem, I did not wan't to stir up anti-religious propagenda... but thanks for reading

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trolPhil, is this an exercise is questioning or something else? I understand reticence but am still not following? ;-|
Hi trolPhil...
I studied myth, legends and folktales for six months, and found I only read the tip of a huge iceberg...of works, some classic others new....
We all need an open mind, and I'll read yours a few times, something I have to do often, to get the full meaning/storyline...but thanks for provoking the thoughts back to that six month paper....and will I take another next year...Niahgrin wave
it is just about the question prince of darkness, and i thought like well who might be king of it then?
it's just an enigmatic poem.
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