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To my fellow poets on CS

I have cut across border,
I have traveled a lot,
And with ten humble poems
I have passed Rubicon.

Tucked nicely in corner
Of the Poets' Abode,
I have placed them for comments,
Always lavish and prone.

In remarks you would make
And in comments austere,
You are driving to point
In a style most sincere.

I am placed at your mercy
Awaiting my lot.
Here's to my fellow poets,
Here's to our great goal!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
In recognition of our poets' kind, sincere attitude towards newcomers.

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Comments (5)

You are most welcome my dear,this is indeed a good write,hope you will enjoy your time in this Corner.We romp and roll like kids,jostling each other playfully with our verse.handshake bouquet be at peace no one will hurt you.heart wings
i did feel homely on the poetry corner myself,no one hurts your feeling or criticism in here,we are like one family,we learn with each other,they lift up those who are down and learners like me,they teach each other,,a cyber family indeed..well written marikia,,well donehandshake wine bouquet
niah9online today!
Hi Marikia....I think of it as a two way street...everyone has something to give and share...and when you cannot learn are dead....Niahcomfort teddybear
Thankyou Marikia, I enjoyed the poem, and, I am very pleased that you like our little corner and hope that you will stay a long time....Kindest regards, Andrew.....xxxcool
marikiaonline today!
My dear fellow poets. I just want you to know that whatever I wrote was for the rhyme's sake only. I have never been hurt in any way, and there's always been but homely and friendly atmosphere here. I want you to know that I enjoy reading your poems immensely. I am happy I wrote this poem - it brought me closer to you all.
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