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Kiss Me If I Cry

If you hold me Close
It Wont Clear the pain away
What Hurts the most
That there is nothing left to say
It's Over And I know
I'll still miss you everyday

Kiss me if I cry
Cuz I cry only
In Goodbies
Im seeing your face
For the last time
Kiss me if I cry
Oh how many times
We've Tried !
We've lost our hearts ..
We've lost the fight !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
Love & Loss !

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Comments (14)

sad and romantic
Your expression is beautifully sentimental.
Such emotion and memories dwelling inside you may create a barrier for your next potential love. I would always wonder.
nice poem
maybe you lost the fight but you always have a friend to help you back up
swan, a kiss for you dear woman...truth is time will lessen the hurt and new horizons are just over there. ;-]

Thanks alot Guys !! for such sweet and nice comment ..I appricate you friends .. Thanx alot hug

goodbyes suck!
hellos are much nicer...wave grin
bouquet bouquet
True That My Sweet Lady !!sad flower I hate goodbies as well !! who created this word anyway !?moping I just hate it ..

when you cry it cleans your heart dear swan,cry today so that u can smile tomorrow, only real and brave people dare to love and dare to cry but remember there must be a man in this world who would surely mend your heart with his love!!!stay positive.handshake
Thanks alot Dear CHIFIGHTER for your wishes ! means alot to me to see you care !! and I agree on what you said ..! Take care and im glad you read my poem.

Such a sweet yet sad poem. I feel for you. Take care beautiful Lady. Things will get better.
Hey Honey !! Miss you PInk bouquet
It is sad to let go on something you really wanted !
Thanks for reading Sugar ..You Take Care as well

this poem is soooo SaD)))) crying but I loved it!lips I know how u feel , and I agree that >>It is sad to let go on something you really wanted ! << but once you let them go, and they return...thats mean they were always yours... if they dont, so let them go they never were yours..teddybear
Sad,emotional poem,do not worry you are still so beautiful and I'm sure someone will come along and give you all the love you deserve.

Here's a kiss for you sweetie so dry your tears,cheer up.God bless you angel
Hey Sweet The Sun&Sea hug Im sorry for being so sad in my poems ..but True !! True what you said !!
It does hurt so much sometimes ..that you know it wasnt Right at all from the start !!

Smile & Be Happy bouquet

May God Bless you As well paloma Honey !! Your comment Did Cheer me Up .. THANX My sister teddybear teddybear

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