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I don’t deserve U!

You said
I don’t deserve you
Cause I am too good
I don’t deserve you
Cause I am too cool
And you said
You don’t deserve me
Cause I am beautiful
You don’t deserve me
Cause I am a girl that everyone’s dream for
May I ask?
If I don’t deserve you
And you don't deserve me
Whom do I deserve?
And you deserve who?
You don’t deserve a good girl?
You don’t like a cool girl?
You don’t need a beautiful girl?
You don’t want a girl that everyone’s dream for?
May I know?
Who do you want?
A bad ugly girl, you want?
A girl in jail, you want?
A girl from hell, you want?
I think they deserve you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
I don’t like when someone said “you are too good for me” and walked away…. It doesn’t make sense… >__<

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I guess it can get confussing. But you are right. It's not a good thing to be told you are not deserved by someone. Nice write. Thank you for sharing.
Then ..Just put it in your mind sweety that he REALLY doesn't deserve you wink Cuz he missed his chance with you ..
Move on ..Time is a healer

Hi, thesunandthesea,
Being recognized for good qualities does not lessen the loss felt when someone says, I don’t deserve you. It does not help to be everyone's dream except for the one you love.
Who in their right mind would say they don't deserve you? love
Pinkpoetress , Swan, gnj4u, Macduff5 <<<< THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH EVERYONE))) THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME READING MY POEM)) >_< AM HAPPY!!!! blushing many ppl told me they liked me but they also said they don’t deserve me cause I’m too gooooood -_-” . very mad what's that?!!?? well, I don’t like those guys anyway but I think if they want to go then just say G’bye n GO! that’s fine for me… devil don’t say something like that. :P I wrote this poem when I finished watching a love movie, in the movie the actor said that he doesn’t deserve her (the actress)…and left the girl heartfelt… -_- damn…. a real life is like a movie!! mumbling lol
wine a very good question thesunandthesea! it was a terrible way to say goodbye to you...sigh very cool write thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
cartwheel THANKZZZZZZ LadyBee ^^joy but sometimes I think I am too EVIL for 'em !!gotta go ... lol devil
someout deserves you youl find the right one
^^ Thankssssssss John teddybear
^^ Thankssssssss John teddybear
ohh is this poetry? or a repetitive blog?
Maybe he's using reverse psychology,or he's tryna let you off easy without hurting you,or he's already taken.....
You made me smile, I really love this thanks.bouquet
touching my heart.....
your expression is maybe pepole think sometimes.
including me.......
you deserve right one.
Thank you for sharing.
Bless you.
Great write sunandsea..

I think many can relate to this. I know I can.

I have found when I've been told "I don't deserve you" that the guy REALLY means it... he honestly doesn't BELIEVE he does, which is very sad for him, but it is his truth, a mere reflection that he finds himself unworthy of not just me, but of Love, in general.

Keep your writes flowing.

I look forward to reading more.

Timmys > “he's tryna let you off easy without hurting you”-- I think it hurt sooo much, i'd rather want to hear “you are ugly, let s break up”..than >> “u r tooooo cute n toooo angel 4 me or me dun deserve u…” LOL well am fine anyway..Noone can hurt me.^^ I’m a GLADIATOR.. lol ThX 4readin my poem. Xxflower
Mike> "You made me smile, I really love this thanks"
Don’t u want to ask me if I want to make u smile or not?? Hahahaha kiddin’ ^_* I’m happy to make u smile ^^ cus I think ur ugly when u cry…. Mm... dun wanna imagine >_< :P ThankS 4ur comment Xx here4u>>drink pouring
pinkcoral> "you deserve right one"
Thanks Pinkcoral. I believe one day my prince charming will run2me (with a high speed too)!! Lol u deserve the right one too!! Everyone do! ^__^ Mainichi Sabishikute koibito ga hoshiiiiiiiii nah~ kare wa doko?? LOL giggle xX

Beautifulyou : "I have found when I've been told "I don't deserve you" that the guy REALLY means it... I look forward to reading more"
beautiful me??Heehe^^I love ur ID!^_* N Thx u 4ur comment. u & me are the same!!!no one deserves us!!very mad!Will u marry me then? Heehegrin sorry am just kiddin^_^ N for me,if I luv some1 n they luv me, we deserve each other!blushingunless they dun luv me anymore then just check out of my heart!!rolling on the floor laughingI have 6 poems now!! Plz read em all!! ^_^ I also have created new cards recently,too.^_^pls go check it out n send it to ur friends anytime, I wont charge u4sure!!! Cus u are my friends.handshake (actually they re all free…LOL)
Dear thesunandthess.
I have a pal.
but,watashi mo kiobit ga hoshi desu.
mainich samishi....
I believe oneday....oneday right person will come to me.
should be right one. blushing
issho ni gambarou ne.
hug hug
^_^ OK Pinkcoral!! We 'll never give up!!cheering hahaa ^_* dont forget to let me know when you've found your right one ok!! ^_* thumbs up
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