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How do hearts meet?

She dreams of romance, him that special find. He sees her breastplate, but only his mind. Great tales of wonder, both so often tell. Just finding the other, and all will be well. Is it by chance or design they meet? A party or dance, a frolic or feast? A casual evening walk or is it at noon? A long distance talk or trip to the moon? Others i can't know, mine i will define. Byfaith i will go, to find love divine. Though we may dwell, a great distance apart. Destiny has it's sequels, for joining of hearts. The seas gathers waters, from the whole earth. Two souls comes together, being ordained from birth!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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Comments (4)

Hi, byfaith,
There is certainly hope in the line, Destiny has it's sequels, for joining of hearts.
yes gny4u destiny plays it role in our lives. much more than we like to think!thumbs up
Really inspires hope, very nice poem..contratsapplause
again thank you spnglish you are just appreciative and sweet!bouquet
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