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A Cowboy's Christmas Play

Mary was a sprightly gal along about age eleven
The bunkhouse hands all doted on her since she was about seven
Now Mary got a great idea for Christmas time this year
She wanted to have a Christmas play - but had no actors near
Except the bunkhouse cowpokes- the idea filled them with fright
But the boss said to do it and to plan for Christmas night.

With fear and trepidation the cowboys tried to decide
Who would play the various parts- they wanted to run and hide
But Mary had her own ideas about who would play who
So she went to the bunkhouse to tell them what to do.

"Now Rory, you're the tallest, so Joseph will be your part,
Tex and Johnny will be shepherds, but don't let it break your heart
Old Bill, Big Red and Stumpy, you three are just the right sizes
So you'll be the three wise men, bringin' Baby Jesus his prizes".

"I'm gonna go see Mary Jo, she's the foreman's wife
To have her be the angel, the acting role of her life
My pa will be the narrator and I'll be helpin' too;
We'll put this play together and show you all what to do".

"Hey, Mary", Big Red up and said, "Who's gonna be the baby?"
Mary thought a little while and said, "Maybe the Millers down the road
Could be in our little play,
They just had a baby boy, I'll ride down and see what they have to say".

So off she rode and soon came back a smilin' through and through
"Mrs. Miller and her baby boy will be Jesus and Mary too!"
With that news the bunkhouse boys got the Christmas spirit anew
And made plans and read the script from Luke, Chapter Two.

Then Stumpy scratched his head and took the time to ask
"Where are you plannin' for us to go and do this Christmas task?"
Old Bill stood up, looked at the barn, and said, "I reckon we are able
To clean up this barn and fix it up to be a Christmas stable".

At last the eve of Christmas arrived, and not a bit too soon
The hands in all their costumes, waited 'neath the Christmas moon
Mary and her pa read the Christmas story that happened so long ago
The boys and Millers played their parts with combined hearts aglow.

When it was done, they went to the house for cookies and hot cider
Then everyone knelt down, 'cept Mrs. Miller on the chair glider
And they all gave thanks to God for the gift of His precious son
Then hearts warmed with joy, they all returned to their places, one by one.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
A poem about a Christmas play.

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Comments (5)

A real christmas story about staging a play....and in rural areas, exactly when you do...make do.....wonderful made this work and the critiques will be super.....great read.....Niahwow cartwheel dancingsanta reindeer angel2

The little girl Mary is me. :) I put this play together when I was eleven and had my parents' cowboys play the parts that were named in the poem.Pa was the narrator and Ma and Mamaw (grandmother) made the costumes. With the neighbors down the road participating and folks from church and town came to see it too. It really was a community thing and turned out really well. :) I'm so glad you liked it! hug heart wings
Hun, you know i'm not religious, but reading this just put a lovely feeling inside me! something about those big tough men doing as they were told my mini you..hug i always see christmas as the turning point of the year, where we have reached the darkest days of winter and just need to spread light and love and start the journey to the new spring. Thanks for igniting this year's christmas sparks...hug thumbs up bouquet bouquet

My father being the boss, they had to do what I told them to do. laugh Besides, it was fun watching them learn their lines and they seemed to enjoy it too. :) Glad I could be the spark to fire up the Christmas spirit. :) hug
Hi, ReaderOfSouls,
What a wonderful story! Sounds like a wonderful family and community in which to grow up. Thanks for sharing the warmth of the season with us!
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