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No worth

I'm pathetic and worthless I don't deserve the precious gift of life the chances are many but do I take them? No I just sit and watch it slip away maybe hanging myself would ease my burden. Ha a permanent solution to a temporary problem. But I'm useless Wat am I do ? Lose my soul to the darkest days and maybe if the spirits are nice take my life away.
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Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
a simple free write base on my feelings

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hmm....apparently you have been allowed to parlay across a computer, to read and compose, submit and share, that of your choosing. you look clothed, and as though you may have eaten (nourished) in recent days. and...most pertinent, 'if the spirits are nice'? maybe you have had enough spirits and dancing fantasy. my advice for you (you begged for it), is to walk down any street, find someone that needs help of any kind, and help them. distract yourself, thus opening a new door to a new world, a new don't seem too happy with the old worked for me...
Mowhawk, having read all your poems, which I admire, I personally deduced that you are a born talented rapper, go for it, and we'll be keeping watch of your success!
Mowhawk man, i agree w both hedi & mar...we make our own reality, the irony of happiness is you have to give it away to keep it. ;-)
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