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My Solitary Address

I dont have your lonliness address, but this is my solitary address. You can find me when you missed me:

Come to Waiting County. Find aliens Avenue. Enter the
solitude street. Find my nostalgic house on which has been written " just fall in love , Do not interrupt".
Come inside and pass the pool of my Dreams which is just colored Blue. open the door and step forward. besides the sobbing window, you can find me !!!!

But it is not me. all has become " YOU".

Waiting for you, My Love.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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Comments (12)

Great topic covered from a new angle....with great forethought... peace
Dear Niah9

Thank you dear for having kind attention on my poem.

It was wonderful! I was thrilled. Intriguing, making you wish to follow. Wishing the end to be happy. That day is sure to come, Lady in waiting.
Dear marikia,

ya, exactly it make to follow the words.
we have a persian proverb which says: what has come from your heart, will surely touches the other ones' heart heart beating
Its lovely. splendid. great imagination. i am sure one day your imagination will come true.
Yankee4youonline today!
Very lovely imagery...invoking much feeling such as sorrow followed by hope.....nicely written poem....handshake
nice write.....elo....wave
Very interesting indeed! Nice write!
you have expressed your emotions but nobody knows the future except allah. God bless you.
Imaginative lovely write....ty4sharing paramiseapplause applause
Kind of sad
Perhaps you should come out and walk in the sun, Perhaps your love is stranded half way.
A woman with eyes as nice as yours deserves to see the world. wave

A very emotional poem wine
Thanks to all my dear friends who had kind attention to my poem.heart wings
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