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V come out and step with me
Put on your dancing shoes
Jiving to the swinging blues
Dark night and us be free.

I got on my tapping attire
Just touching lightly the floor
Hips moving and eyes shut tight
Listening to the very soul tonight.

Black magic play your tune
I feel its fingers going through
the very sinew of my being
tonight, tonight I howl the moon
V come out and step with me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
A poem for Veritaas

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Comments (4)

she is a very cool and wonderful lady, but then so are you chrismas wink hug thumbs up teddybear
Thanks. yes V is definitely a cool cat.
christmas, makes me wish i could dance...i can definitely here the tune! ;-)
Amazing...'just touching lightly on the floor. Hips moving and eyes shut tight.'
Dancers can move, dance within their mind, lying in bed, travelling...whatever..and you explained this to me from a different angle.
Wonderful write.....Niahcheering dancing cool
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by Unknown
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