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Battle for destiny..Part 2....THE DARKEST KNIGHT

Queen of all that’s black over fair,
Queen they say, of all darkness and air,
With long red hair, in tresses hung
Most wicked witch, since time begun,
Had seen knight of hope and princess dear,
Before it happened, in enchanted mirror, she kept near,
There and then formulating her evil, cunning plan,
To end their destiny, even before it began,
Decided she would battle princess’s good knight,
To the death, though not in fair fight,
A magic suit of armour and sword, that’s what she needed,
Wove spells of immediacy and to gods of dark pleaded,
Upon happening, most evil spell, opened the portal,
It had never been done before, by mere witch half mortal,
Reached through to find lord of underworld’s spore,
Pluto, who of all things dark, commanded the law,
And whereupon he sat on obsidian throne,
Guarded by gorgon of same that turned Atlas to stone,
And thereupon avoiding it’s gaze,
Agreed bargain with dark god through magic haze,
And after signing away her soul, agreeing to pay the price,
Closed portal, and, was back to earth in less than a thrice,
Thus first, with cloak of invisibility worn,
Did herself with magic armour and sword adorn,
Then to tournament did go, with confidence made,
That she had dug good knight’s grave with magic spade,
But, what she didn’t know and couldn’t tell,
When she the portal made with wicked spell,
The very smallest of ripples in space did it make,
And, to Dreamweavers keen senses it loudly spake!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
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hole popcorn hmmm wondering what's afoot!
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