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Holding my ground

If I'm not loved, don't think I've ceased to feel it,
Not ready to day dream, to fall again in love,
If I'm not loved don't think I am immune to blessing,
If I'm not loved it doesn't mean I'm done.

If I'm not loved it doesn't mean in earnest
I'm not with you in your delightful arms.
If I'm not loved it doesn't mean I'm leaving
My early dreams and days of blissful time,

No time, no space shall ever make me stumble
In my pursuits of happiness and love,
No evil soul will ever send me kneeling
Or turn my mind from thinking of my love.

If I'm not loved, I'm nonetheless your spirit
I'll stick to you, you'll never miss my touch.
I will invade your soul, make it my only dwelling,
I'll live in you - you'll feel it in my love.

Deprived of love and being thus rejected,
I'll live my life in love with every kind.
If not in love, how then shall I endure,
If not in love, how then I'll stay alive.

If not in love, how then am I supposed to cure
my kindred souls in dire need of love.
If not in love, how then am I supposed to bear
Remembrance of those days of blissful past.

If I'm in love, then I am safe and cured,
If not in love, then I am faced with strife,
My love will make my earthly days secure,
I'll keep in step, feel happy in my life.

I'll never cease my yearning, keep it burning,
Love - you are all that's ever left to us.
Love's blessing keeps us safe on earthly travel,
Love's all that was and still remains with us.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
Just keep that fire burning, never let it die away.

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Comments (5)

niah9online today!
Hi Marikia...I believe love finds us, we never find love...and although visual is the usual way, I think it is those who are already happy and satified with life that feel loved first...focus first on giving love to others, and love will I'm sure find you....Niahdancing grin
marikia, while holding your ground alludes to visions of a campaign, the point is very well taken...maybe it IS a campaign eh?

"If not in love, how then shall I endure,
If not in love, how then I'll stay alive."

excellent stance and write! ;-)
Nice comments, thank you very much.
ReaderOfSoulsonline today!
Wonderful write! wine hugheart wings bouquet
Thanks, dears, for your appreciation. Your comments were so reassuring, that I will keep the pot boiling.
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