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The Meaning Of Life. Part 1

Can anyone tell me the meaning of life?
Is it to have a partner, a lover, or even a wife?
Or is it to have all the things money can buy?
And if we had all these things, could it keep our eyes dry?
Or would it lure someone fake, to live in our lie?
As if we need someone beside us, just to get by.

I heard the answer for the meaning of life,
I'm sure it makes sense for it cut out my strife,
A wise man gave me the answer and it all makes sense,
To get my life back, without false pretence,
To help all, even strangers, will knock down the fence,
Of fear from the worlds people and the need for defence,

It involves kindness, compassion and to some degree,
To give to the world, with a no string guarantee,
It will give your life meaning, not just dwelling about "me"
Search deep, start loving, be all you can be,
Forget anger,hate,fear and the longing for wealth,
For what value is life, if you now lost your health?

For true happiness exists, but is hard to find,
For everyone looks everywhere, but not in mankind,
We look for a strangers help first, to give us some hope,
But you are that stranger, that can be first to help someone cope.

For true happiness comes from a mind stable and sound,
Finding self-worth, helping the needy off the ground,
And helping for isn't that profound?
Helping people for no reward, no brag rights, not making a sound,
Just knowing they're no longer alone on that ground.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
I read a few poems on here and thought I'd attempt to write one...came out a little basic, but has a good vibe. I got the idea from these forums to write a ppoem, so I thought I'd share it with this community. =)

P.s...just found out that only 3000 characters are allowed and I have 3092...might make it 2 part (seems logical?)

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Rmond, welcome to the corner, the forum have their place but i think it's Rome. Seriously, a good write, very good for a first! On to part two! ;-)
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