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Ill wait for you

why dont you ever text me back?
Do you have better things to do?
Cause dont think i dont know
That Rock
yeah it suites you
After all these years you wont change
It hurts
Cause how i feel for you

Going back to 2 and a half years ago
when we magically found each other
for a few minutes we were together
lips & touching
It seemed all so simple
Like maybe you cared

But the rock, it keeps you distant
Maybe your afraid to love me back
Afraid of how much i love you
So ill just wait here for you
But there is no tellling for how long ill continue to stay
So when your ready, you come to me my love.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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Lemonpop21, all you can do is try, you can't make him do or feel what he (or for that matter a she) can. everyone wants to be loved. best you be as patient as you can be, and follow your'll tell you your right direction. ;-)
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by Unknown
on Dec 2010
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