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How to Write a Poem

How to Write a Poem

There is never nothing new
Just rearrange things

I don’t write poems
I just remove the extra words that are in the way

Hold on to the words like whispers and shadows and wings
Recklessly insert adjectives
Tie all to your delusions of profundity

Did down deep for pain
No matter how senseless
Pick at your emotional scabs until you bleed

No on likes poetry
Constantly remind people of that
Tell them that you make it sound good to you and screw them
Even though their ovation means everything

Slip, dip and weave
With ambiguous wet dreams
Full lips ahd thick tongue
Come to an understanding
Dirty is much better than clean
Make it filthy
Soil it

Make it nostalgic
People need to be reassured that you were really screwed up as a kid, too
And that this poetry stuff doesn’t just happen to someone overnight

Make it esoteric
That way when no one know what the hell you are talking about
You will have a good word to explain why

Say things that are so ill mannered that they are weighty
i.e., I’m not looking for a girl that is beautiful
I looking for one just barely ugly enough to have sex with me

No, wait
Maybe it should be as mundane as your own reflection

Make it bitter as a welfare recipient

Make it so sweet that she will swallow it all
and then look up to you with eyes like wet sapphires
and say, that was beautiful
even though it was disgusting apathetic

Encourage large groups of people to vomit
Get so personal it gives people headaches
Say whatever it takes to make them choke on their milky cappuccinos

Spew it all over the bar
Flaunt it lasciviously in a drunken stupor with your genitals
Expose yourself until everyone is embarrassed for you
Pour yourself into reckless collisions
Drink from your soul until it rots your liver

Write until you want to kill yourself
Then write about that

Being good at something is all about having the right equipment
So make it clear that you are a lesbian
At least spiritually
That way people can be sure
You are good at poetry
And eating pu**y

Make really long
Like it’s your p*nis
Make it really, really long
Like its my p*nis

Make it rhyme
I mean don’t

Just don’t
Don’t ever write another a poem
Because I assure you
If I did not write it than it must suck

And that is how poetry works
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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Comments (5)

jaw drop jaw drop jaw drop
rolling on the floor laughing
One heck of a poem. thumbs up laugh
Hi, superklean,
We all risk vulnerability when we write and share. As you can tell, the CS Poet's Corner's water is warm and welcoming. Thanks for jumping in.
superklean, so THATS what i've been doin' wrong! thanks man! you really have a lot (and lengthy too) of things to say about it. i'll try not to make the next one rhyme, as you suggest, though i do find it hard to do sometimes. the style here reminds me of some earlier writers on here. welcome from me, and i suspect, many more. next time...dirty it up a little more maybe. ;-) nice job.
Thanks to you peoples for commenting! Nice of you to take the time!
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