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You're leaving

I know it hurts, don't say it isn't worth it.
I know there's pain, don't tell me there is not.
I know your grief; your pain in fact is nothing
Compared to mine - just look if disbelieve my words.
You've been abandoned thus when you most needed
His caring touch, his eyes you miss so much.
In vain we comfort you, of no avail entreaties,
Your soul to loss can not be reconciled.
There's love and loss, there's joy and sorrow.
There's life and death, who knows where goes the line?
Death's coming, we don't know what holds tomorrow,
Your shattered dreams are all that's left behind.
God bless you, oh I wish that your departure
Were painless as can be and peaceful, so I pray.
Hold on, my friend, in time of need and trouble,
You're not alone, we'll see you through to end.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
It's about my friend, who is suffering from devastating disease and we just hope she will live as long as she can. But the most dreadful thing is that she was abandoned at a time when she most needed a loving husband beside her.

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Comments (11)

So sad Marikia.....angel sad flower teddybear Niah
Oh my God .. No words to say !!! Just Real Sad And full of Emotions !!

Sad and poignant, Marikia. One of those occasions when words are simply inadequate.

Kind regards

Bill hug hug
Thank you, dears, for your kind sympathies. I've written this poem much earlier and it went somehow unnoticed, so time has passed, a month, and she feels better now thanks to our, her friends', attention and caring, but nobody knows when and what will happen, and her soul aches as it used to.
Hi Marikia...I guess it was posted when everyone was busy with Christmas plans...though we know sometimes submissions come so quick and fast, swamping poems waiting in line....but this popped up onto the tool bar last night, and I always click if I know the poet....glad I was able to bring it back....Take care, glad she's doing better...Niahteddybear wave
She died last night and her great suffering is over. Sorry for bad news, but I couldn't help sharing it with you, because you are among my best friends, dear poets. Thank you.
I am sorry Marikia, very sad story, she was lucky to have friends like you. *Big Hug*
bouquet sad flower bouquet teddybear
My sincerest sympathy marikia but one also has to rejoice that her suffering is over.....take care

bouquet bouquet teddybear bouquet bouquet

These moments are never easy and your poem is a fitting tribute to your friend. A sad loss for sure. My sympathy is with you.

hug sad flower
My thoughts and prayers are with you Marikia at this very sad time.teddybear sad flower
Hi Marikia

Your poignant poem is a beautiful tribute to your friend. Perhaps it is a blessing that she is now finally at peace. My heartfelt condolences to you.

Bill hug rose
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